Fire and Nice.


I recently read this article named Fire and Nice on Christianity Today. Big names are dropped. Big theologies discussed.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Fire and Nice.

  1. Woah.

    Read it. Good article.

    I think my favorite quote was from Greg Boyd “Nor should we pretend that cancer fits within God’s will, he says.”

    Where are our churches going? What is happening to our churches? What happened to preach truth. God’s will? GOD’S will. Was the flood an accident? Did God never intend to flood the whole earth? Did God not intend to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Give me a break Greg Boyd.

  2. jmbuehler

    I feel you Adam.

    “There are profound epistemological differences—ways of processing reality—that make conversation almost impossible, as if we were just kind of going by each other,” Piper explained at the conference. He pressed them to explain their views on Christ’s atonement.

    Jones pressed back, questioning whether the Atonement should be understood as a substitutionary sacrifice.”

    Not sure how you can get around Christ’s death NOT being substitutionary! Where are our churches going?
    Great question Adam…thanks for the input.

  3. katherinejo

    I feel like I’m breaking some sort of blogging rule by commenting on a past post, but we’re all new in this, so it can be forgiven. Your quotation of Piper from the article echoes my frustration with the emergent church. We learned about this in Rhetoric in high school, that before a debate can even begin, there has to be some sort of understanding…greek kairos…without kairos, it’s just as Piper said “going by each other.” Like you said though, how any one can read the Scriptures and NOT come to the conclusion that Christ’s death is a substitutionary act is a baffling concept. It’s certain that the devil is very much at work…

    Argghhh…I’m reading through this now and paying closer attention…is Boyd ACTUALLY suggesting that all of God’s workmanship throughout history is completely random? Isn’t that borderline deistic? Like God is some distant character that is throwing things into an “atmospheric fan” and squinting his eyes to see who got hit?! Wait…that IS deism. Somebody forgot to read Job when he was paging through his Bible. Possibly left any mention of the Apostle Paul out too…


  4. Chris

    Yeah, I loved it. I find our area so interesting and diverse–yet so cookie-cutter at the same time, you know? The wide variety in theological undercurrents is crazy, though.

    The same author wrote another article for CT a couple years ago called “Young, Restless, and Reformed.” Really interesting–detailing the trends in the young Reformed movement–Our own Laura Watkins was interviewed and is featured in it–haha! (They wanted to talk w/ some young ppl from BBC)

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