Top 5 Things That Are On My Mind This Week.


As with any other Monday, it brings a new week of laughs, trials, and things to do. So, on this Monday morning I’ll give the top 5 things that are ony my mind at the beginning of the week.

1. Distance Ed Credits. When will I get them done? Daunting.

2. Going home in a few weeks. (3 weeks and 1 day–who’s counting?)

3. How hot my room is. The heater won’t turn off in Arden Hall. It’s hot–all the time.

4. A situation that must not be named–like Voldemort. err not.

5. How good Jesus is in light of all of this. I’m so glad eternity is not a fairy tale.


15 thoughts on “Top 5 Things That Are On My Mind This Week.

  1. simkel

    thank you for recommending other ppl to my blog. i received my first comment from that today.

    i wish i heard more of how good jesus is. i feel like i’m hearing less of this lately.

    i’m freaking out about the election.

  2. Papa Buehler

    Hey simkel
    No reason to freak out GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!
    If we can handle 8 years of Bush we can handle just about

  3. jmbuehler

    Thanks Dad, and you’re right,
    No matter who the president God IS in control.
    “Do politics as if you weren’t doing politics, but do politics.”
    –John Piper
    As you can see, my dad has strong political overtones.
    Love that.

  4. simkel

    i was going to comment on that. but i thought i’d leave it hanging over. haha.

    i do wonder, where your political stance is though…..

    i mean, is the gospel evident in your life? err ya…err…no? haha

  5. katherinejo

    1. If you need motivation on those DE credits, consult me. I’ve only taken advantage of a “one-semester extension” once…and that was in high school.

    2. How far do you live from Columbus? Andy Warhol has 700 pieces at a show in Columbus until sometime into 2009. I’m making it must-see on my list of shows to go to.

    3. Heaters were fixed today; my room is down to 75. Praise the Lord we have a roof over our heads (or if I want to emulate Piper, praise the Lord a Cloverfield-like demon hasn’t ravaged Arden Hills)

    4. I can’t comment on this, I guess.

    5. Resting in eternal security is good stuff, especially in light of the aforementioned.

  6. jmbuehler

    I live about two and a half hours from Columbus.
    Not a bad drive, but it’s a boring one.
    And I’ve already taken advantage of my “extension.”
    Uh oh.

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