2 Timmy 2:2: An Update


Lately I have spending a lot of time with a freshman named Matt.

He’s great.

I met him in the beginning of the year when he was helping me move some stuff out of summer storage. Ever since then we’ve kinda been attached at the hip. He comes over every Saturday, and then on Sunday mornings we go to Bethlehem together.

I’ve learned a lot through hanging out with him.

I am in a Discipleship Group with four other guys. That group is lead by Elliot Stokes, who is on staff with Campus Outreach.  Through this D-Group I’ve learned so much about day-to-day life devoted to following Jesus.

It’s amazing to take what I learn from D-Group and apply it to my time with Matt.

Matt is not my project–Matt is my friend.

My goal in spending time with him, and with all of my relationships, is to point him [them] to Jesus and hope that Christ becomes more real in his life.

I love Matt, and I am beginning to learn what it means to think for another person–not just myself.

Pray for me. That I would make wise decisions in leading Matt through our weekly Wednesday morning Bible Study. And that the Gospel would become more real to me through the relationship I have with Matt.

Pray for Matt, that God would reveal Himself more clearly to him. And that Jesus would become center of his life.

I love that boy dearly.

It is best summed up like this:

“I am saved from self, to God, for the world.”


3 thoughts on “2 Timmy 2:2: An Update

  1. simkel

    I’m encouraged that Matt is not your project. Hold dearly to that. So much ministry goes wrong because people try to “create” others to be as they want, instead of loving them.

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