Distinguishing A Parallel.


Words and actions are the hardest active human phenomena to line up. Throw in human feelings and emotions and you have entered the great labyrinth.

But the question is:

What is more hurtful?–Actions with no words or clear communication? Or all words and no action?


2 thoughts on “Distinguishing A Parallel.

  1. Bro,

    That is a tough question that you ask but I don’t think that it can be answered. Obvisouly, It depends on the situation and person that did the crime before you can measure the pain or hurt. But after that I still think that you might find them to be close in their equality. But on the flipside I find that your actions mean more to someone than your words because as I said on my blog people don’t listen.

  2. simkel

    as i sat here and tried to write one, the other would seem to be more hurtful and vice versa. i think they are both hurtful. may be different kinds. but both hurt.

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