Bring Back Hair, Screeching Guitar Solos, And Bandannas.


I got flack for wearing a bandanna recently. Tell that to Europe.

No–the video does not make sense. Yes–he looks like a girl. But probably one of the best songs of all time. Long live 80’s hair metal. Long live my bandanna. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The Final Countdown.


14 thoughts on “Bring Back Hair, Screeching Guitar Solos, And Bandannas.

  1. Maddy

    Jimmy. I totally thought that he was a girl until he started singing. Oh goodness. And for the record, your bandana isnt that bad… I just liked the homeless hat that you stole from Roman better :]

  2. simkel

    ok. let’s be real. wher was the bandanna in the video clip? missed that. yes that guy looked like a girl. and i agree with maddy, i like the homeless hat. does good for your face structure.

  3. Chris

    Your blog is like BU girls + your Daddy 🙂 …ha. Hi Mr. Buehler.

    Umm I figured I’d comment on this post b/c I was the one who gave you such a hard time about the bandana. And for the record, I prolly won’t lead worship with you if you look like the guys in that video/wear a bandana.

    But I did find this online….at….”Is the black leather bandana the new oversized beanie?” You just might be answering one of fall fashion’s biggest questions, Jimbo.

  4. Maddy

    You are fashion.. Jimmy. I believe it. Did you know that express just came out with velvet blazers and vests. And ps. I am not a hippie, I just pay close attention to the world around me and feel the need to help others see it in maybe a new point of view. :]

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