Love Is Not A Victory March, It’s A Cold And It’s A Broken Hallelujah


People, life, and relationships are real, raw, and unpredictable. It’s hard to remember that until something happens that awakens you to reality.


7 thoughts on “Love Is Not A Victory March, It’s A Cold And It’s A Broken Hallelujah

  1. Maddy Furlong

    So true. That is something that my art is really reflecting right now. We are all so unpredictable. Our relationships can change with one sentence. One letter… I find so much mystery in relationship. Way to nail it in 22 words. :]

  2. I like yours as well. Very clean. Good title. I’ll add you to my RSS.

    I totally concur. I had this great friend who was my best man in my wedding and with whom I came to a much deeper faith.

    One day I said I believed in Limited Atonement and our relationship was never the same after that one little sentence and we don’t even talk any more…mainly over his stubbornness with people whom he cannot be “unified” with.

    Same thing happened with a teacher only over a different issue.

    They can be yucky those relationships can…

  3. Papa Buehler

    When will people understand we are not “unified” by our ideas but by the change that comes to our hearts through the love of GOD.

  4. indeed. i gained a whole new outlook on those lyrics after a very close friend was killed suddenly, and God allowed me to sing “great is Thy faithfulness” through tears, because He is.

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