From An Uncle To A Niece.


It’s hard to write poetry for someone you love and have never met.

My family suffered a great loss about a year ago. My brother and sister-in-law lost their child.


There are no words to say. Only tears can fill that now. There are no perfect phrases or pentameters that could fully grasp the hurt. Only slow, deep, painful breaths. There is no rhyming scheme that could ease the wound that we all felt and still feel. Only embraces.

There is nothing in the form of words that could ease the void that the loss of that little girl left. Only vague memories.

Tragically lost, but oh how never forgotten.

Your life, sweet child, even as short as it was, taught us all the tremendous meaning of trust.

I love you Ezri, even though I never held you. I never made you laugh. I never wiped a single tear away. I never even saw you. But still nothing but love envelopes my heart when your name grazes my mind.

And if my brother and sister read this, I love you both. And it was neither you or your child that sinned that caused her death. But Ezri was taken from us that the works of God might be displayed through this tragedy.

There is no poetry. Words bring no justice. But until I see you again, they are all I have.

I love you Ezri.


3 thoughts on “From An Uncle To A Niece.

  1. Maddy

    Its been two hours and I have read this post at least five times during the last two hours and now on the sixth time I finally have the courage to write a comment, and I am still so unsure of what to say. I can not even begin to imagine the pain of losing someone so dear, so little, and so barely known. All I know is what you have said about our Maker and how He is displaying something about himself through all of this. Thanks for sharing Jimmy.

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