My Sister Is A Creative Genius.


I have a 12 year old sister named Megan. She has a cell phone and finds it fun/cute/whatever to text me the most random things. For example:

“Hey Jimmy whats up I can’t wait till you are inside the house. Jimmy+Nold=Ness.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what “nold” or “ness” meant so I called her. Megan preceded to tell me that “ness” means cool, or awesome. I assume that she derives her favorite new noun from “awesomeness.”

“Nold” remains a mystery.

Pre-teen girls are an enigma.

But it must run in the family. When I was younger, instead of calling my brothers “stupid” (in fear of my parents hearing it) I called them “Dumbo Wumbo Shumbos.”

What words did you make up as a kid?


My sister Megan. Love you poohgas. (A Buehler family word)


8 thoughts on “My Sister Is A Creative Genius.

  1. Maddy

    Bahaha! Man, I am literally dreading the day that my two youngest get cell phones. I cant imagine what they would text me. They write the funniest letters as it is.
    I have a cousin named Jimmy. I used to call him Jiminy because it was easier for me to pronounce. Jiminy Crickets.

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