Laugh With Me


Last night I was up late making donkey noises with some buddies.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve experienced lately?


5 thoughts on “Laugh With Me

  1. Maddy

    well hmmm. Besides the voices coming from my computer speakers… Kelsey tripping over the coffee table and face planting in the living room.

  2. jmbuehler

    Maddy–really funny.

    KatherineJo–If you can’t learn to answer silly questions and laugh at them, then you probably take yourself too seriously.

  3. dorothy

    my friend krisitna saying
    “tengo sopa en mi bolsilla.”

    translation- i have soup in my pocket. i guess she was saving it for later.

    watching the 1984 version of DUNE with my mexican roommate and cracking up at the HORRIBLE graphics and nasty floating fat guy- in spanish “el gordo flotante”

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