5 Unexpexted Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving.


5. Wiener Dogs. My cousin has one–it’s unbelievable.

4. Fox Soccer Channel. Go Liverpool.

3. Crying babies. I held my friends newborn son Shia, and he did nothing but cry.

2. Gas prices. $1.57! Yes.

1. Really thick guitar picks. They produce a richer, fuller, and stronger sound.

But yes…

I am thankful for family, food, friends, and rest too.


3 thoughts on “5 Unexpexted Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving.

  1. katherinejo

    Ha, my additions:
    -being 2 hours late for work on black friday (I thought I was used to working overnight hours, but still didn’t wake up for that 3:30am alarm)
    -getting to work to realize I had food poisoning (but had to stay because I was already two hours late…couldn’t ask for much more)
    -new NICE and RESPECTFUL good-looking guy in shoes
    -The Incredibles is on TV tonight

    wooo. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving =]

  2. dorothy

    woot! that’s my nephew…i guess cause eowynn was so good they had to get a whiner this time, lol! i’m jealous of you getting to hold him even if he did cry the whole time! i called home on thursday and he was crying pretty much that whole time too, hahaha.is gas really down to 1.57? WOWOWOWWWW!!!!!
    glad you had a good thanksgiving!

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