Just Because It Is Break, Doesn’t Mean We Should Put Our Minds To Waste.


Christmas break is a time of well deserved rest indeed.

However, fight to engage your mind with faith-growing/challenging topics.

Don’t let the most incredible organ in your body vegitate these next few weeks.

With that said:

What’s been the hardest thing for your mind to grasp lately? What are you wrestling with?

Let’s discuss a few. Here is one of mine.


4 thoughts on “Just Because It Is Break, Doesn’t Mean We Should Put Our Minds To Waste.

  1. Nice post Jimmy.

    Limited atonement is a hard one. Thanks for the link I was looking for an article just like that.

    Hardest thing for me currently: is salvation an event or something else?

    Most people have a specific event where they have become a Christian. But does this create a faith which is reliant upon events to interact with God? For example: if someone becomes a Christian at MC2 … they need to continue in faith and do the daily foot work of being/becoming a Christian. I don’t know if it’s an event but a life work.

    I don’t want people to have an emotional experience and then become a Christian but yet being saved by Jesus Christ and truly being effected by saving Grace is emotional.

    Its a dichotomy. There must/should be an event but yet we shouldn’t rely on the event. We should do the daily hard work.


  2. Jimmy Buehler

    “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
    Philippians 1:6

    I think we can begin to look for “magic moments” too much. Thats why we hear things like “saying the prayer.”

    We try to develop formulas that make us christians, when, in reality, I’m not sure thats it.

    God begins the work and us, and He enables to do good works which show fruit of our salvation.
    But I don’t want to limit what God can do.

    Is there an event involved? I do believe that there is a moment when God/Jesus/His work becomes beautiful where as it used to be dull. Does that save us? I think if God only needs a second or a moment, then that’s all He needs.
    Good question, any more thoughts?

  3. Emily Gardner

    I dont know what im getting myself into by responding on this topic lol, but i will at least put some of my thougths down. But I have to say first that I am not a fan of the whole Calvanism/Arminianism thing, as it seems to be more of a divider than anything else in the christian church, which ironically goes against what Jesus stood for and died for. I also think it severely limits God.

    Im not sure if by ‘irresistable grace’ it is meant as a certain type of grace or if it is just believed that God’s grace is irresistable, but i would have to disagree if it were the latter. I have denied God’s grace before whether in anger or whatever other reason, and i have seen people refuse his grace time and time and time again.

    I agree with you when you say that our paths to salvation such as saying the prayer, etc, seem like formulas we have made up to pin point something that may not be something that is able to point to so specifically. I guess what im getting at is, the whole calvanism/arminianism thing seems to me like a formula too in a way. maybe a little more of a complex formula, but one just the same. Though i know that is dangerous to say, because to dismiss both “sides” of an argument is seen as a dismissal or apathy towards the whole topic (as if only 2 sides are possible..), which is not what i mean, and because some people base their whole lives around what side they choose and therefore i probably just offended them if one to read this. Some people seem to claim the calvinist/arminianist title before claiming themselves as christians.

  4. simkel

    where I’m at these days…

    i have been thinking about what pursuing “holiness” means. so the word, holy, means being set apart for god. obviously when we are justified…we are immediately holy, blameless, completely set apart for God. however, as we are sanctified we are being made MORE holy, more like Christ. So what does this look like? I think a lot of times I mistake wisdom/knowledge for being more holy. So people who have knowledge, have got to be holy, right? Well, I have found this to be false. Even in my own life because I lean upon my own knowledge and wisdom, I stiff-arm the gospel a lot of the time….because I have it under control.

    I Corinthians 8 talks about how we get to know him more, then the grace of good works will flow out of us. I know in my head that everything I do has to come from him and not myself. But do I believe and act this out a lot of the time? No. So as I pursue holiness, not good works, what does that look like? The only conclusion I have come upon so far is get to know Jesus more, personally. Other than that….I don’t know.

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