5 Hopefully Helpful Tips For New Bloggers.


5. Read other people’s blogs that you know and COMMENT on them. (And make the comment relevant to the post.)

4. Come up with creative titles. Make us want to read it.

3. BE BRIEF and be interesting. Sorry, nobody wants to hear about your day.

2. Link to other sites.

1. Write posts that others can engage in.


4 thoughts on “5 Hopefully Helpful Tips For New Bloggers.

  1. Emily

    I think the reason some people write on blogs is to get things out. To write things down and analyze it later, to track memories, or to clear their minds. And i think the draw of blogs, at least for me, is I dont feel like some idiot just writing to myself (ive never been able to keep a diary). I know the people that want to read it will read it, and those who don’t, won’t.

    I think if the writer’s attempt is to draw an audience or appeal to an audience, then these tips can be useful. But I dont think that they necessarily fit everyone’s aim.

  2. Jimmy Buehler

    Not so much steal as borrow.
    Not everybody reads him.
    I liked what he had to say, so yeah, I piggy-backed.
    I cited my sources.
    It’s in the link.

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