Extraordinary Moments.


In life’s extraordinary moments I find myself being pushed to my spiritual and emotional limits.

It is in those same moments that I find myself being pushed to prayer.

It is here that Grace becomes sweet to the ear and soft to the heart.


4 thoughts on “Extraordinary Moments.

  1. katherinejo

    I’ve been annoyed out of my mind that no one has commented on this post yet, so I decided to break the spell. Silly me. This post resonates with me for whatever reason. I’ve really come to appreciate prayer though…just stopping to pray just to say “hi” to God at random times throughout the day. Always makes me smile a little bit.

  2. katherinejo

    consider yourself lucky that I posted that comment at 11:11pm. Even though that deficient clock says 5:11am on my comment.

  3. Papa Buehler

    Those extraordinary moments won’t ever end until we see him face to face. So don’t ever give up getting down on your knees, because I just got permission to be able to hold your feet to the fire for quite a while longer.

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