Meditations From Jason Derouchie.


“Jealousy is a state of discontentment with God.”

My Pentateuch Professor said this today in a devotion before class.

What a resounding truth.

To know that whenever I look at someone and envy what is theirs, or what has been given to them.

There are no rights to be jealous for: “God has ALL THAT HE IS for me in Jesus Christ.”


One thought on “Meditations From Jason Derouchie.

  1. simkel

    i read this yesterday. decided not to comment. but it’s been on my mind a lot since i read it yesterday. so i thought u would like to know that. this is so true. every thing…jealousy, pride, etc are all discontentment with God. it’s a competition of stealing the glory of god….as if we deserve it.

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