India Or Bust.


It’s official that I will be going to India with Campus Outreach this summer.

As a team we had our first retreat this past weekend where we mostly talked about Support(er) Raising.

I can’t even begin to describe my emotions, fears, and excitement.

This is only the first of many India posts; and hopefully only the first of many India trips.

Learn more about the state of Christianity in India here.


6 thoughts on “India Or Bust.

  1. Adina

    hmm….don’t get me wrong, I am excited about you going to India….but isn’t this blog post happening when you are supposed to be doing somthing else? Like taking notes in class?? 🙂

  2. ds

    Welcome to India, just wanted to add that you are coming to the right place but with misplaced intentions & prejudiced info ..
    Christains in india are totally assimilated in the hindu way of life today, Jesus is recognised as a good person & even hindus including myself would bow our heads like we do traditionally to his numerous statues ( idol worship).

    India, for you westerners is a paradigm shift. People ,culture, music,dress,language,eating habits,thought patterns, weather , interests etc are dierctly opposite to your society even among christains except for those leeches who suck your money in the name spreading the msg of jesus & most of the time they are your host. Being withem you guys derive the mental satisfaction of being good christian & tahnk god for all the mercies etc etc….

    Actually , jesus or christanity is no solution to either the caste system of the society here or alleviating the poverty. If you think it is , prove it here on your blogs first

  3. Jimmy Buehler

    I appreciate your courage to comment on a strange blog.
    I have a couple questions:
    1. What are my reasons for going to India?
    2. What are legitimate reasons for going to India?

  4. poke

    Jimmy, You are displaying explicitly ur reasons of coming to india in your next post & i have already put my comments their.
    2. Legitimate reasons of visiting india or any country are to enjoy its sights,sound,culture religion history it is & not to degrade the same even if they are opposite to your upbringing & belief system..

    Read the last line in my comments above, changing faith does’nt help remove the societies ills & if it is show me here…
    read my comments under your next post…
    Humanity is more imp. & it has nothing to do with faith.

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