30 Minutes Earlier.


Today a missionary spoke to us about his experience in India.

His name was Vijaye.

I won’t write everything he said, but I will tell you a story that he told us:

Every four years there are millions of Hindus that travel to the the Ganges River to immerse themselves in it in hopes to wash away their sins. A missionary traveled to the river along with the millions of Hindus. While there he saw a woman sitting by the edge of the river weeping. He noticed that no one was stopping to comfort her, or even ask what was wrong. He finally went to her and asked her what the problem was.

She began to explain:

“My family has been experiencing a stream of bad luck. Some of those around me were saying that I had bad karma. Many of them blamed it on my newborn son. I traveled here in hopes to get rid of my sins and my bad luck.”

The woman continued to explain that to rid herself and those around her of the bad karma she threw her six month old child into the river.

The missionary then began to explain to her the hope she can have in Jesus, and how He will wash away sin by His blood, not a river.

The woman looked at the missionary and through her tears accepted Jesus as her Savior, then said:

“Where were you 30 minutes ago? Before I threw my child into the river?”

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

May God use our team in India

May we get there 30 minutes earlier than planned.


8 thoughts on “30 Minutes Earlier.

  1. poke

    Everyyear white missionaries travel from northern hemisphere to countries they call third world with false hopes & stories degrading the religion , culture etc.. of those lands with the sole aim of making them mental slaves in the name of jesus & capturing their lands & resources.
    Entire middle & southern africa lay testimony to this fact , natives are still the poorest, killings are happening at the faster rate, water & food shortage abounds … jesus is not helping them.
    In their own countries, babies are left boiling in the cars for a pint of bear, school shootouts are happening, in sydney a young christian flung his 4 yrs old daughter in the river from atop a bridge few days back etc etc……. it can go on , jesus is no where around to stop this?

    As i said earlier, u r coming to the right place with wrong prejudiced intentions, people like u put local jesus followers in danger… remember orissa…

    Their are enogh places in ur own countries to reach 30 min. earlier, do not sow turmoil & spread rumours…

    • Jimmy Buehler

      I believe it is you that is attacking Christianity with false prejudices.
      In no way am I aiming to change Indian culture, I want people to know Jesus so that culture can be redeemed.
      Yes, America has its share of problems.
      But it is not a Christian nation.
      “In God We Trust” may be written on our money but that does not mean it is written on our hearts.
      That is what I fight for: that Jesus would be written on people’s hearts.
      And through His renewing and transforming grace may India bring glory to God who loves them with all of His Being.
      No culture is right, perfect, better, etc.
      All cultures need Jesus and will continue to need Him.
      Is Jesus’ name sometimes used improperly? Indeed.
      But it is my hope that I would come to India as a learner and with humility.
      I wish to “westernize” no one. Christianity is not a western religion.
      I do believe Jesus was born in Asia…

    • Jimmy Buehler

      Dad–in no way by going to India am I neglecting the need here in the States, but I (we) see a large need in India for the people to know Jesus and that is the conviction we carry.
      I believe we are awake.

  2. poke

    Jimmy, you know you did not answer any of the querries i mentioned in my post above regarding the help jesus name provided in africa & southern america etc.. infact you missed the point which is not unusal for a believer in abrahimic religions.

    If jesus name or faith could change things than he would have changed the plight of people already atleast in the countries or people who have faith in him.. Narcisstic jesus.. at least i have a better image of him as a person than you guys project..
    I see a lot of similarity between you & talibani pakistani/afgani muslims except that you guys have shunned voilence . ” culture is redeemed thru jesus orall cultures need jesus” are similar to talibans firm & unshakeble faith in alla & his rasul and one is redeemed only if u believe in them.
    followers of Both the religions have taken this upon themselves to rid the world of diversity & propogate their false view of god & his dominion thru decietful love ,compassion and monetary help in case of christian evengelist & blatant subjugation , rape etc in case of talibans. Ultimately the new believer losses everything.

  3. poke

    My queery was very simple ” How has jesus named helped in removing the societies ills , prove it ” merely having a faith does’nt make it true.
    Iwas reading a news from australia today where a pastor declared that wild fires in australia are happening in the eastern southern state because it has decrimnalised abortions & god is unleashing hell;s fury.. i am sure you would agree with this.
    how similar it is to talibani world view, is’nt it? as they say muslims are suffering because they are letting their womens out without hijab, are;nt praying five times & not sending their sons for jihad etc..
    Anyway sorry for the long lecture but you know the world is suffering because of abrahm & his legal and illegal offsprings & if ur answer to my querry above is the one word called ” FAITH”, do not bother.
    Welcome to India, we have assimilated so many earlier we’ll assimilate you too with love
    need any help while u r in india, feel free to send me a mail.

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