What Kind Of Blogger Are You?


Blogging has become a new “fad.”

A lot of people write them, many people read them, and few comment on them.

Where do you fit in this mix?

Do you have a blog? (If so, leave a link.) If not, why?

How many blogs do you like to read–daily?

Do you comment regularly? If not, why?

(This post is semi-inspired by Abraham Piper.)


3 thoughts on “What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

  1. Hey Jimmy…See, people actually do read your blog!!! I like to inspire people to be crazy and have fun! I have 2 very “active blogs!” One is http://dorazsays.wordpress.com…which has a lot of stuff I personally write, things my friends contribute, question of the day, and a lot of other stuff I am in to , at the moment. The other blog I have…..http://laughwithdoraz.wordpress.com…is strictly devoted to some of my favorite jokes! I feature a JOKE of the Day! I have a blogging “family.” Just look at my blogroll…lot’s of cool stuff. Hope you come visit. Be sure to comment!!!! Good Luck with your blog! Have fun! *(*

  2. 1. I blog … a lot. I have 4 of them.
    2. Yes I have a blog. 4 of them.
    3. I normally do a once a week google reader blow. Spend like 30-40 minutes catching up on peoples lives through blogs. Then everyday I check a couple of main tech blogs that let me know what the latest trends are. I also keep up on twitter daily.
    4. It all depends on the content and if I know the blogger. If I know them I am far more read to comment. If I don’t then I normally am more hesitant to comment. Just depends.

    Jimmy you have a great blog. I read it pretty regularly! Its short and to the point. Very much unlike mine.

    Keep it coming man.

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