I Guess You’re Right: How To Win An Argument But Lose A Friend.


It is quite easy to get in a senseless debate with someone. Moreover, it is simpler to win that argument than you may think.

Here are five easy steps to win a mindless debate, and make yourself look like a jerk in the process.

Step 1: Say things like “You’re an idiot”, and “Are you kidding me?”

Step 2: Don’t listen, just wait for your turn to talk.

Step 3: Shake your head, roll your eyes, and groan.

Step 4: When conrasting with their point, talk louder and faster than they did.

Step 5: If you feel pinned in an argument, just say “I guess you’re right” with no ounce of sincerity at all.

We all have these tendencies,and these are some of mine.

What are some of your tendencies when in an argument with someone else?

(Only people who are willing to laugh/weep over themselves may comment.)


4 thoughts on “I Guess You’re Right: How To Win An Argument But Lose A Friend.

  1. caearl


    I feel like most of our conversations end up this way? True?
    Hahaha just kidding (sort of).

    I usually get defensive when someone pulls these shenanigans on me (like you), but I probably do the same, too.

  2. katherinejo

    Gah, this is so great!
    I alwaaaaays glare at people, while asking a really incriminating question, to make them feel really misunderstood…example: “why would you even say something like that?”
    I hate how I love the way I sound when I argue. Part of me loves making myself sound good, even if complete nonsense is coming out of my mouth.
    …humbling thoughts.

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