The New Calvinsim: An Article By Time Magazine


You might have seen it on more well known blogs.

But just in case you haven’t read Time Magazines brief article on “The New Calvinism,” take a minute and read it here.

Feel free post some of your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “The New Calvinsim: An Article By Time Magazine

  1. Papa Buehler

    Why is it always about men and THEIR ideas? Calvin, Luther, Wesley, Etc, Etc.
    IF we were all focused on Jesus and the kingdom and not men and THEIR ideas I think the Church would be much farther ahead.
    We would not all be complaining that are country is going to pot. Plus GOD would be very very pleased.

  2. Jimmy Buehler

    True Dad.

    But there is value in seeking ideas of wise men.
    It is good to study what others have written and do so with discernment.
    Personally, studying the theologies of these men has helped my spiritual growth.
    Studying doctrine carefully is a good practice.
    How do we understand our God?
    But you’re right, in the end, they are all brothers in Christ and Calvinism, Catholicism, etc., are not salvation maker or breakers.
    They are all simply a means to an end.

  3. I am offended Dad that you did not mention A.B. Simpson founder of the C&MA and that he was included in your ect, ect. (Just Kidding)

    Jimmy how is the “new” calvinist different from the old?

  4. Jimmy Buehler

    I think, from my understanding, that there is no difference.
    I think it is more of a movement taking place in young christians today.
    A lot of belivers are beginning to turn away from vague spirituality and turning to doctrine that gives answers to tough questions.
    Pastors like Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, John Piper, etc. are heading up a movement of Reformed Theology amongst younger generations of believers.
    There really is no difference, but maybe a difference in how it is presented?

  5. Papa Buehler

    It’s OK to seek the counsel of wise men. I have no problem with that. It’s when we put these men on a pedestal. It happens all the time. The other problem is we forget that men have egos and they sometimes get in the way. All I’m saying is most of the time no one is willing to admit they might be wrong.

  6. katherinejo

    Jimmy, this may or may not pertain to this post at all, but isn’t there a passage of Scripture from the Epistles in which Paul comments on men following him as he follows Christ? This seems very familiar to me, and could very well pertain to the question of “following” different Christian leaders. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.
    Welp, just found the verse…1 Cor 11:1…I’m reading a commentary on it right now.

  7. Jimmy Buehler

    I agree with you Katie, and don’t think I wrote anything to disagree with your point.

    However, I do stress that my hope is not in theology thought of by men, but in Christ alone.

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