Top 5 Things I Am Discovering I Am Not Good At.


5. Organization.

4. Homework.

3. Being patient with technology.

2. Getting up in the morning.

1. Managing my time.

What’s your list?


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Am Discovering I Am Not Good At.

  1. Adina

    5. Maintaining a clean desk
    4. Folding Laundry
    3. NOT wasting time online
    2. Loving my friends
    1. Studying for back to back to back tests.

  2. simkel

    5. Picking up my clothes.
    4. Going without coffee.
    3. facebook.
    2. writing papers.
    1. complimenting others.

    (btw LOVE that your pic is from outside the stokes house. good work. LOVE the new camera)

  3. katherinejo

    5. eating…apparently
    4. time management (I swear this is universal…)
    3. social interactions
    2. getting over caffeine addiction
    1. patience with…anything/one

  4. backat

    1. having a positive attitude when it is cold outside
    2. savoring food and drink
    3. restraining excitement
    4. loving people WELL
    5. keeping track of keys/cell phone/ wallet/ etc….

    i think that patience with technology is a societal norm;)

  5. sordidsoliloquy

    I like your top 5 things blogs, Jimmy Buehler.
    It’s creative and it’s your own.

    Here’s mine:
    1. Vulnerability
    2. Prioritizing
    3. Being punctual
    4. Waking up early
    5. Um. Being tall?

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