I Doubt Any One Will Comment On This Post. But There Might Be A Free Drink In For You If You Do. Maybe.


In recent reading and conversation, I have stumbled on some startling discoveries about coffee shop spending habits.

So I pose the question(s):

1. One average, how much do you spend on a drink in a coffee shop per visit?

2. Per week?

3. Per month?


10 thoughts on “I Doubt Any One Will Comment On This Post. But There Might Be A Free Drink In For You If You Do. Maybe.

  1. emilyboettcher

    once every weekday.
    five. (occasionally six)
    so for a month between twenty and twenty-five.

    it almost always costs about 3.50 or something like that… Starbucks. plus the money i spend to make coffee at home.

    i thought you would appreciate if i was the one the answer this question.

  2. Shannon

    a tall caramel macchiato at Starbucks is $3.20
    and a grande is $3.83…

    i normally go about 4 times a week, maybe 5…

    you can do the math. i don’t wanna…

  3. backat

    I am learning… regular coffee has like zero calories, and even has free refills. Woo.

    So, I usually get a large/ venti coffee for 2.00. I even buy the fair trade kind:)

    And…probably like 2-3 times/ week.

  4. dorothy

    i get coffee here in spain a lot more than i ever did at home.
    usually a cafe con leche(coffee with milk) is eighty cents to 1 euro. and i’ll get it about three times a week, so maybe 12 euros a month.
    still not the best.
    granted coffee here is cheaper because it’s a lot smaller, but it’s also better, i think. more like espresso.

    when i was at home, i would go maybe twice a month and it would be between 3 and 4 dollars for the drink. however i think when i return, i’m going to want coffee more often cause now i’m in the habit….


  5. simkel

    dang. go ahead…call me out over the blogging world haha.

    per visit: $2.16–Dark roast coffee with two pumps of white chocolate

    per week: i prolly go to get a coffee like 3x/wk on avg.

    per month: about $25.

  6. MarthaJoy

    I go almost every day, at least once. And it’s usually free. That’s what happens when you make friends with the baristas. Otherwise, a cup of coffee with my 10% discount at Starbucks is about 1.50 and you get free refills with a registered card!

    My other standard is espresso with soy… again, if I pay for it, with my discounts it is about $2

  7. Yeah, I spend too much on coffee….Not stopping for now at least!

    Considering my last post was about how much I love new spring drinks at Starbucks…I’m guilty 🙂

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