In Light Of My Last Post, What’s Your Opinion?


To my surprise, and demise of the title of my last post, many people commented about their love for coffee drinks.

Some go for coffee for social reasons, others for studying, and others for pure caffeine.

So again, I pose the question(s):

What is the biggest attraction about coffee shops?

Which coffee shop is, in your opinion, the best?

What reason do you go to coffee shops?


4 thoughts on “In Light Of My Last Post, What’s Your Opinion?

  1. I just love being away at a coffee shop b/c it helps me get work done. Like, if I go to Starbucks with homework, it helps me feel like leaving is the deadline for me to finish. But when I sit in my room, I get distracted and put things off.

    I love talking with friends at Starbucks because you don’t know anyone (unless you’re at the Caribou by school then you see Elliot), and you can just sit for hours and drink your favorite drink and enjoy each other!

    And I buy into Starbucks. They’ve really branded themselves well.

    Lastly, and most significantly, I am a caffeine-fiend. But I make coffee in my room on weekdays, so I don’t buy it out everyday.

  2. katherinejo

    Biggest attraction: the smell, and the music in Starbucks

    Best coffee shop: has nothing to do with branding for me, much more to do with the atmosphere. Like in Rochester, the south-side Dunn Bros is my favorite hot-spot. But around here, I feel much more at home in the Lexington-694 Caribou.

    Reason: normally I only venture to a coffee shop when I find no motivation to do my homework anywhere else. Like Chris said, leaving is a deadline. Otherwise, I brew it fresh in my room =], or just buy from the Express Line.

  3. dorothy

    the biggest attraction for me here is the whole outdoor cafe sitting in a plaza drinking a coffee, and i always go with a friend, never jsut to get coffee by myself.
    it’s just awesome to sit in a café and talk with someone.
    the best one i’ve ever been to in spain was when i was in valencia, mostly jsut because the plaza it was in was gorgeous, byt the cathedral and a beautiful fountain.
    but i have to say back home i like smaller coffee shops, and not chains. starbucks to me is, well, overpriced and kitschy.
    there’s a really cute one by my school called the jitterbug. it’s abit expensive, but the atmosphere is great.
    for me going out for coffee is always a social thing, to talk with friends or jsut see someone i haven’t seen in a while.

  4. simkel

    What is the biggest attraction about coffee shops?
    The atmosphere. The whole idea behind coffee in general is a social gatherer…in my family we like to say “gathering around the coffee pot.” everything we do involves coffee. so when i think of a coffee shop, i think of a cozy environment that encourages social interaction amongst the ones you love.

    Which coffee shop is, in your opinion, the best?
    i have a wavering opinion of this. for everyday? starbucks. to get to know someone? a hole in the wall coffee shop. (mamas & papas place basically)

    What reason do you go to coffee shops?
    i go to socialize, to study, to get away, read, journal, etc.

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