Top 5 Goals And Ambitions For Summer.


5. Get a job, or just work many odd ones. Let me know if you’ve got ideas.

4. Play soccer more often.

3. Read a plethora of different books.

2. Preparing for my time in India.

1. Not growing cold, weary, and hard; but warm, refreshed, and strengthened in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What’s your list?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals And Ambitions For Summer.

  1. 5. Doing spontaneous, exciting and refreshing things, like watching airplanes take off and land near the airport, or climbing NWCs bell tower.

    4. Explore the twin cities and all the fun places around, like Taylors Falls.

    3. Look at tons of art and work intensely on my own.

    2. Write people lots of letters.

    1. Enjoy living in the Williamson’s house with Katie- and our goals- to always have the windows open, eat a new gourmet cheese every week, make fresh juice, have dance parties when we are excited, etc.

    0. (5 is too few) Learn more about Jesus from Katie (and in general) and learn how to sit at His feet and pray continuously- especially for SBP and India!

  2. dorothy

    5. see all the people i missed this year
    4. paint my room and my dresser
    3. cook paella and pisto for eveyone
    2. GET MY DRIVER’S LICENSE! (finally!)
    1. get ready for going back to school next year, being a leader in the international community, and helping out with cru, growing in my relationships with God and my family in the time i have at home.

    wow, that seems like a lot to get done in two months

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