The Power Of Prayer; And Its Lack In My Day-To-Day Life.


I think one thing that I am experiencing lately is the power of prayer; and the neglect of that very subject in my life.

As of late, I have been reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti.

The book paints a picture of spiritual warfare, and the power of prayer behind it. It has got me to ponder: How much do I devote my time to prayer?

Part of my problem lies in the fact that I don’t see my need for prayer, and don’t take the time to recognize the fruits of prayer in my life.

So I pose the question:

What keeps you from praying? How can we work to change that?


4 thoughts on “The Power Of Prayer; And Its Lack In My Day-To-Day Life.

  1. Haley

    Didn’t we listen to a recording of this book at one of the 30hr famines we did? But I agree, I suck at praying, and remembering to.

  2. Hopefully understanding that we are involved in an invisible war is enough to get us to stop “sucking” in prayer. Or at least get us to do it more often than before.

    We have to fight for ourselves, family, friends, and the whole world around us. When you look at it like that I think we should be praying all the time. Since our enemy never quits.

    But yet prayer always seems to get bumped down on my list. I think to my self I should spend time interceding for my students in my ministry. I should pray that God will do the work in there lives and believe that he will make his presence known them on his own time. Not my selfish attempts to take his Glory and work away and have the crown of accomplishment of reaching that student placed on my head.

    Prayer seems so easy but yet week after week I find myself spending the majority of my time planning, preparing, scheduling, searching for the next coolest thing to reach students, to transform their lives. To only find myself right where I started and emptier than before.

    What keeps us from praying? Our selfish desires of our wants and needs and thinking that we make the biggest difference.

    How can we change? Understand that without prayer without spending time with God we will never be able to reach those that still need thier life changed, transformed, re-focused or a Savior.

    The enemy blinds us from the truth and before others can begin to see, we ourselves have to see that the most important thing that we can do all day is prayer and being is God’s presence.

  3. dorothy

    ahhhh, prayer, this subject has been bugging me for a while, actually. i always want to be able to talk to God, and i know that i can, but my problem is the conversation thing. i always feel like i’m just blabbing, and honestly, i really don’t know how to listen to God.
    and then i sometimes have a feeling that i really don’t know how to pray, because it’s hard not to see results. i think that the problem for me lies in the fact that i’ve always taken prayer for granted, and maybe not valued its power as much as i should’ve? as to how to fix this…..i really have no idea. which is why it’s been frustrating me for a while.
    sorry that was a bit longish

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