Rethinking Lyrics, Music, And Poetry.


I tend to be highly critical. Especially when it comes to music, (specifically, the lyrics).

If the lyrics are vague, don’t make sense, or not as “theologically sound” as I’d like them to be, I count them as “stupid.”


I think one thing that I am forgetting is that music, specifically lyrics, are poetry.

To bash poetry, I would argue in my case, puts the sin on my shoulders.(?)

Expressing love for God through the form of poetry seems to make much more sense than doing so through a “logical system.”



4 thoughts on “Rethinking Lyrics, Music, And Poetry.

  1. It makes sense to worship God through poetry verses a logical system- but there is still well crafted poetry and crapy poetry… so when can we be critical? Because even if poetry is written with the purpose of worshiping God, it can still be awful poetry. An artist could make a horrible piece of art, and just to call it worship doesn’t make the piece good.

    interesting post.

    • J. Buehler

      I guess my question (and yours) still remains:

      Where is the line? When can we be critical?

      However, I will still say that love expressed through the heart is closer to True Love than expressing it through knowledge.

      It’s difficult. It is easy to say “to each his own”… but does that mean that there are different absolutes when it comes to beauty?

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