Losing All Expectation; And Working To Gain A Deeper Sense Of Trust.


For our trip to India, our team has been reading the book Serving With Eyes Wide Open.

The author of the book aims to shift paradigms that skew American’s views on short-term missions.

Thus far the book has accomplished it’s goal within me. Here are just a few of my thoughts/questions that have arose from my reading:

  • Are my expectations of my trip too great? Am I expecting too much?
  • Does my over-ambition cloud my vision and make me even more close-minded to people’s true needs?
  • Am I going as a teacher of Jesus and His Gospel? or Will I be the one doing more of the learning?
  • What can I truly offer to the Indian students I will meet?

These questions might seem full of fear, and to be honest, they are. The closer I get to departure for India, the more I realize that I truly don’t know what to expect.


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