Living In Hope When I Stray Off The Road.


“Then Gloom said [concerning the Pilgrims], ‘I am afraid that they are living in hopes of someone coming to rescue them.’

Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan.

In this scene of the story, the Hero Pilgrims are being held in a dungeon by a keeper named Gloom because of their straying from the road to the Celestial City (Heaven).

When I stray “off the road,” and when trial comes, how often do I persevere in hopes that someone is coming to my rescue?


2 thoughts on “Living In Hope When I Stray Off The Road.

  1. I find myself going back to Peter- that they were grieved by their trials, but were called to rejoice. Trials are painful, straying off the road is painful, and we don’t love pain, we love Christ. But if pain is necessary to be more like Him and to have more of Him, then we rejoice in the pain because in the end, at home, we get Him.

  2. dorothy

    i have yet to read pilgrim’s progress..i need to add it to my list. but i have read the pilgrim’s regress by c.s. lewis…which uses a lot of ideas from bunyan’s story…
    i love it when God uses stories to show us His love and truth. It’s ne of the coolest things about the imaginations He has given us.

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