The Other Side Of The Coin.


It is far too often that I sit down to write a blog similar to this and have this inkling of emptiness.

Moreover, It is far too often that I catch myself resting in things that truly do not offer me rest.

I think the other side of the coin to finding out the greatness of His Loving Heart, is finding all of the things that do not satisfy.

So, Jesus I am resting, resting.

In the joy of what Thou art.

I am finding out the greatness.

Of thy loving heart.


One thought on “The Other Side Of The Coin.

  1. dorothy

    recently my mind is being blown apart by the awesomeness of living completely in and through God. but also God keeps showing me these parts of myself that i am relying on, and other things too….it’s like the more i see God, the more i see myself…whcih kind of makes sense, i guess, but is still incredibly mind boggling.

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