Turning Over A New Leaf, and Seeking A New Direction.


As I now open up a new page of my story, I found it appropriate to revamp my blog completely.

This next year I will serve as Director of Youth, Worship, and Young Adult Ministries at Kost Evangelical Free Church in North Branch, Minnesota.

With a new and lovely wife, a fresh calling, and a new home I will seek to dedicate this blog to serve as a reminder that we who call on the name of Jesus as Savior are”delivered from one domain…and transferred to the kingdom of His Beloved Son” (Colossians 3:13).

This blog is about Crossing that Bridge…from one kingdom to another.


5 thoughts on “Turning Over A New Leaf, and Seeking A New Direction.

  1. Papa Buehler

    Jimmy, Just like I told your brother when he started.
    Its not about you!!! Its about them, helping those around you become more like him!
    I very proud of both you guys, in fact I’m very proud of all 5 of my arrows!
    Don’t let “Mary” get to you.

  2. Shameless Jimmy. Shameless.

    Like the new look. The theme is oddly familiar.

    Looking forward to your frequent posting so that I feel bad for not updating my own.

    Praying for you as you get to experience a little of my old stomping grounds with your wonderful wife.

    I’ll call you soon.

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