What Does A “Worship Leader” Actually Do?


In light of the impending start date of my new position as a Worship Director, it seems appropriate to actually define what that position actually entails.

I have been reading Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. It has served to be really helpful in filling out the weight, realities, and definitions of my role as a “Worship Leader/Director.”

He writes:

“As I understand it, a worship leader exercises various gifts listed [throughout Scripture]. These include pastoring, leading, administration, and teaching.Under the oversight of the Pastor, he combines those gifts with musical skill to care for, guide, and instruct God’s people as they sing His praises.”

Worship Matters, pg. 54

The more that I lead musical worship amongst various groups, generations, and denominations, the more that I realize the actual weight and gravity of what I do. I simply do not aim to “put on a dynamic show,” but to teach, instruct, and guide people into a deeper understanding and passion for Jesus Christ.

Moreover, I am discovering that musical worship is less about an experience, and more about giving praise where it is due. The beauty, however, lies in the fact that musical worship is for God’s Glory, but yet it increases our joy. What a deal, and what an opportunity…


One thought on “What Does A “Worship Leader” Actually Do?

  1. Jodi

    Jimmy, sounds like you and I are learning a lot of the same things. I think I am going to read that book you just quoted.
    So happy for you to be serving God in this way. I am very proud of you!

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