Confess Your Sins To One Another…Or Just To Your Phone?


Recently, NPR released an article about confessing sin, but with a twist.

(Read the full article here.)

A new movement among Catholics is to download an app to their iPhone or iPad that “prepares” them to see a Priest  pre-confession. Users of the app simply endure some questions that help them “search” their conscience concerning their sin, and therefore prep themselves to see a Priest so they can bare all with full assurance.

I have to commend the makers of the app for their heart, however, I believe that confessing sins to your phone can create a dangerous trend in your life. In other words, many people can fall trap to not confessing their sins to one another as James 5:16 says, and instead simply confess their sins via iPhone and believe that they’re “good before God.”

Scripture tells us that only Jesus can cleanse us from our sin (1 John 1:9). No matter how much we pour ourselves out to our phones, iPads, or even each other we must remember that only confessing your sins to God, claiming the mercy and promises of Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross, and walking through Godly repentance will lead to life.

In a culture that is moving more and more into individualism–and a Church that is quickly following at times–let us continue to meet together (Hebrews 10:25), and confess our sins to one another to have authentic, Christian community that is focused on Jesus Christ and His Work.


3 thoughts on “Confess Your Sins To One Another…Or Just To Your Phone?

  1. Wow. I was actually stunned when I read this. An interesting concept, to be sure. But I agree with Ryan in just how consumed with technology and individualism our culture is. It’s shocking (and scary?!). And not only that, but the idea of actually “preparing” to go see a priest in order to confess one’s sins…something just seems twisted about that…

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