Learning to Make Much of Him.


Trial. Suffering. Uncertainty.

Themes like these are ones that a Christian never likes to deal with. For one, if God is all-loving, then why does He allow bad things happen to His children?

In my circumstance, why would God allow the car that my wife and I just bought to break down and cost more than the worth of the car to repair?

Well, I would argue that it’s not because Kelsey and I sinned, nor because we were not obedient to Him, but just the opposite: because He loves us.

It sounds absurd. But I trust that the Lord withholds no good thing from those who seek Him (Psalm 34:10). Moreover, I worship the Lord that He has counted Kelsey and I worthy to suffer so that we can make much of Him!

In other words, Kelsey and I see this trying time of uncertainty and need as a time to reflect “whom have I in Heaven but You? There is none on this Earth I desire besides You! My heart and my flesh (and our car) may fail, but You Lord are the strength of my heart and my portion forever!” (Psalm 73:25-26)

These trials are meant to deepen our trust in the Lord as our provider, our help, and our loving Father; and they are a chance for Kelsey and I to show the world that all of our needs are met in Jesus Christ and His atoning work for our sins upon a cross–and if God meets that need for us, He will meet every other need we have.

So whether it is through sending us joy, or sending us suffering, God intends all these things to get our hands off of the things of this world and on to Him.


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