The Gospel vs. Religion: Where True Love Wins.


My pastor said it well from the pulpit yesterday: “The church in America today is in chaos.”

The more that I interact with Christians, the more I realize the deadly effects of religion, and the life that comes from the Gospel.

It is no wonder why countless people “walk away from the faith.” Whether it is students entering college, adults who are fed up with rules and checklists, or even people who stay in the church and think that their behavior and lifestyle is what makes them righteous before God.

The Gospel, however, brings life. The Gospel brings forgiveness. The Gospel brings mercy. Religion attempts to shame you into heaven by giving you a list of rules. The Gospel purchases heaven for you in that while we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).

Religion brings shame and guilt when you fail. The Gospel brings the Cross of Jesus Christ when you fail and says, “He died for that–keep pressing on…”

Religion offers rules and checklists. The Gospel offers grace, mercy, and acceptance-in-Jesus-driven effort towards holiness.

Yes, the church is on chaos–but it is because so many are clinging to religion, and not to the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Religion does not save you. It cannot heal you. It will not make you right with God.

Jesus saves you, by His stripes we are healed, and His cross earns us righteousness before God by grace through faith.

The Gospel vs. Religion? Guess who wins…true love wins.


2 thoughts on “The Gospel vs. Religion: Where True Love Wins.

  1. Jim,

    Love reading your thoughts… Right on.

    Jesus didn’t die to give us religion, He died to give us life, so that HE would get the glory.

    I think “religion” gets dangerous because it says something about us… That if WE follow the rules and live by the letter than WE have then earned something from God. But who are we that He is even mindful of us? We have no responsibility in our justification, sanctification, or glorification.

    I respect you, brother.

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