Growing Up Christian…


I picked up this book, Growing Up Christian, a few months ago at a youth leader’s conference and since then it has sat dusty on my “books to read” shelf.

Finally, I have picked it up and by the end of the first chapter I am pleased and excited for what the book contains.

The author, Karl Graustein, writes from the prospective of growing up in a Christian home with Christian parents and Ch

ristian friends. I identify with Karl, because my life too was filled with everything Christian. The author describes both the blessings and dangers for those of us who are raised within the arms of Christianity.

As my eyes read over the words an idea came to me: Why not blog about every chapter for my students in youth group?


So that is what I am going to do. Seeing as how most every student at my church has “grown up Christian” I am praying that these blog posts will push them toward growth and a deeper love for Jesus Christ.

So whether you’re a student in my youth group, or someone who is “too old” for youth group, I pray that this series of posts will help you take hold of a deeper faith and a more concrete assurance of God’s love for you offered in Jesus Christ.

I hope to post weekly, and each post will contain the main points of the given chapter, as well as a series of questions and thoughts. But most of all, I pray that we would all take hold of our faith, and heed the warning of J.C. Ryle who said, “you cannot enter the Kingdom of God on the credit of your parent’s religion. You must eat the bread of life yourself…”


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