Disappearing Daughters: The Great Double Standard.


Last Friday night, my wife Kelsey and I watched ABC’s report on mass, yet unheard of, genocide taking place in India. You can read the full report here.

Or you can watch it here:

I highly recommend that you either read or watch the story before continuing to read this post, but in case that you don’t here is a brief synopsis:

Essentially, each year millions of baby girls in India are either aborted or thrown in the trash because of the simple fact that they’re girls. In India, the family of a woman to be married is expected to pay a dowry to the groom’s family (although there are laws against this). Because a large amount of the population cannot afford this large financial “burden,” they seek to “dispose” of their daughter to release them of paying the dowry. Therefore, India is experiencing a rising gap between their male and female population. Indian couples often abort, kill, or throw away their baby girl in order to “try again” in hopes of having a boy. For this reason, ultrasounds in order to determine the sex of the unborn child is “illegal” in India, and so are abortions based on the child’s sex. However, as the report tells, many doctors and clinics around India ignore these laws altogether because of the large amount money involved in the “medical procedures” (up to $30,000 in some cases).

As we were watching this story, our hearts broke and mourned over the casual neglect and disregard of life taking place in India. Moreover, the reporter covering the story definitely did so in a biased fashion by painting the horrific picture of this crime (and rightly so).

But as we continued to watch, our minds seemed to lead to the same place at the same time: Why is this story only being covered in India? And, is it really that eye opening?  What I mean is this: everybody watching this story would agree that this is wrong. In other words, something has gone terribly awry in India’s culture and nobody would deny that. But what is the difference in the United States?

If an Indian couple chooses to abort a child simply because it is a girl, it is a crime and seen as a social evil.

If an American couple chooses to abort a child because it is an inconvenience to them, it is seen as their choice and a constitutional right.  (Oh, and don’t leave your “What if a woman is raped?” or “What if the child is going to be disabled?” comment–I won’t read them and your wasting your time and brains in the land of “what if.” Take your logical fallacies elsewhere.)

This is the great double standard. I do pray that India would seek repentance of this sin, but I also pray that this great evil would somehow in the Sovereign Grace of God be used to awaken the United States in her sinful, ignorant slumber concerning this issue.

End abortion. End the genocide.


One thought on “Disappearing Daughters: The Great Double Standard.

  1. A great post – even I as a Christian and definitely opposed to abortion in all cases, did not really make this logical and awful connection in my mind. America is not what we all think it to be – a land of freedom. We are slaves to our sin and depravity and don’t even comprehend it.

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