Let The Process Begin…


Starting last month, I began the process of credentialing with the Evangelical Free Church of America, North Central District.

In short, after three years year of round table discussions, a biographical/doctrinal paper on the EFCA’s statement of faith, lots of reading, a licensing interview, an ordination interview, and some paperwork, I will have be ordained with EFCA. Why do this?

Well, for a few reasons. First, as a full-time minister I still need to be sharpened. Just because I read the bible daily doesn’t mean I always understand it perfectly. Pursuing credentialing will sharpen me biblically and theologically. Second, this is a great way to affirm my call to ministry, and moreover a great way to have a church body affirm my call to ministry. Finally, there’s something about me that loves to learn, and what better way to learn than this?

ImagePlease pray for me through this three-year (yes, three-year) process. And more than me, pray for my wife who will undoubtedly need grace upon grace to help me through this.

As I stated above, part of the credentialing process is writing a biographical doctrinal paper lining up with the EFCA’s statement of faith. I thought it could be a great discussion starter if I posted my paper’s here on this blog. There are 10 articles in the statement of faith, plus one article on current issues. So for the next 11 months you should see the current article and my beliefs concerning it.

Again, pray for me, my wife, our future baby, and our church.


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